Separated wife is dating

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It doesn’t appear that nothing will ever be good enough to help you, the victim, in all of this.

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Yet, I’m concerned because although you in therapy and in a support group you are still exhibiting behaviors of someone who wants attention and control. You’re hurting, angry, upset, and confused by all of this.Three years of being separated I’m certain there had to have been some conversations, discussions, or mediation on what to do about your marriage.And, you mentioned that the last 7 months she went silent and stop communicating with you. What happened in the last conversation or discussion you had with her that would have caused her to distance herself from you? A month ago, after 7 months of silence, she visited me and said she wanted a divorce.She’s been dating a man she’s hated all of the 13 years we’ve been together. She just changed her Facebook status from “separated” to “in a relationship” with that guy. However, I was contacted back in March 2014 they were seen together at a ball game. That’s why my emails, texts, voicemails have been ignored. So, I have counseling every week now, and I’m in a support group meetings every other week.

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