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I finally picked up a few pairs of Mack Weldon’s famous underwear. The fabric is amazingly soft, the fit feels custom made, and they give great support without feeling too tight. They Looked As Good As They Felt As if the feel wasn’t enough, I have to say these underwear look pretty awesome, too: cool, low-profile, never flashy. That’s why Mack Weldon’s mesh cool zones are pure genius. It’s a great feeling to slip on a pair of seriously comfortable underwear in the morning and know they’re going to last all day.

It’s nice to know that when I take my pants off, I don’t look like a deadbeat who’s been playing X-Box all day (even if that’s exactly what I’ve been doing). I Didn’t Think About Them The best underwear pretty much disappear, right? Less sweat also means less odor, which is always a good thing. They Do It All I’ve always worn pretty much the same style of underwear (again, didn’t give it much thought! They’re Worth It I thought it was pretty normal to have to replace your underwear every couple of months (or, more realistically, ignore the fact that it’s falling apart). Mack Weldon is a major upgrade and I’m never going back!

Maybe your best buddy will meet his new best four-footed friend, and they can happily share a bowl of high-quality Nature’s Recipe® dog food to fuel their fun day together.

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For city dog owners, getting a pupper used to the many sounds and distractions of the city can be an ordeal -- one that might involve lots of barking and stress for your little friend.

Maybe you two will even begin training in a new activity together -- whether it’s jumping, retrieving, or... Read on to see the ways you and your dog are going to make this season into the adventure it’s meant to be.

New York/New Jersey Think your dog is the best pup in the world?

Nashville Every spring, the Cherry Blossom Festival aims to plant 100 Cherry Blossom trees as a means of both beautification and international exchange.

The festival offers attendees the chance to learn about Japanese culture as well as celebrate the coming of spring -- and dogs are very welcome to do the same.

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