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You can find out more on When we dispose of rubbish, it creates pollution.

When people burn rubbish, it damages the ozone layer and can pollute the air quality which can lead to respiratory diseases such as asthma.

E-waste is discarded electrical or electronic waste and can be toxic if not disposed of properly.

Their toxic chemicals and fumes which can harm the environment and people’s health.

You can go to , 40% of the world’s timber use is attributed to paper pulp.

Paper pulp causes more deforestation in the tropics than mining or palm oil cultivation.

Recently there’s been a lot of debate whether recycling is good for the environment or not.

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Every time we recycle non-biodegradable products, we reduce the amount of air pollution that causes harm to the ozone layer and our respiratory systems.

Recycling is beneficial for our health and Wynn Sarden can tell you more., the manufacturing of products requires the use of natural sources such as wood and non-renewable fossil fuels.

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