Sexy adult chat lines in southern ill

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You can pick what this photo is of – you can be fully clothed and showing your face, it can be an adult photo without your face on show, whatever.Be sure to fill your profile with as much information as possible. You can tick that you're interested in each and every experience – the more the better.Here you can also list your availability for chatting throughout the coming week.Offering services: On Adult Work, you can offer a few services.Signing up: Use your specially created email address and fill our your profile.During the sign up process you do not need to give your real name or address – just your preferred nickname, chosen password, etc.You also need to write a profile – again, the more information the better.And by information I do mean that of an adult nature.

Let's set aside all moral debates about this sort of work, and focus on the “how to”. I say “a great site”, but the design of the site isn't great and things aren't easy to find or explained well.

Working through my fees, for shorter phone calls (under 5 credits) it has been around 30% and for longer calls it has been around 16%. Pre-booked phone chat is where a client chooses to pre-book a telephone call for a set amount of time, at a set time and date.

If you accept the booking then the client will be given your telephone number.

As a personal preference, I like to save the numbers that book via this method – using their names if I know them, just to give me an edge when they call.

You can set different prices for each of these services.

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