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Because tbh, we are down with religious tradition, but we are not so good at the hunger thing. None of this Rap-Bap, Punk-Dunk during the holy month!

As a Muslim teenager growing up in America, one of the clearest memories I have is my parents swatting at my hand when I went to turn on the car radio in the month of Ramadan. ” They would then pop in a cassette tape of Quranic verses while I would teenage rage stew in the passenger seat.

Tribe Called Red is a Native American crew that makes beats for the lyricists Narcy and Yasiin Bey in this track.

In this video you see Narcy and Yasiin Bey smuggling across borders under the cover of burka, eventually leading to a sunset prayer on the dunes.

It was written in direct response to the burgeoning idea of banning people from traveling freely in North America.

The video uses footage shot in 19 nations over five years through travels with Islamic Relief USA.

Her lyrics are driven with purpose and god, all with the gritty sounds of the East Bay.

Furthermore, He has neither been married nor dating anyone. Moreover, Mike re-founded his mansion in swamplands near Orlando, Florida.

These tracks are by Muslim-American musicians singing some pretty powerful lyrics, and you don’t have to be Muslim to enjoy them.

“Inshallah, Mashallah, Hopefully No Marshall Law,” the opening line of Swet Shop Boys’ song “T5,” is hands down one of the most powerful lyrics of this moment.

Music fall into that category — but Ramadan doesn’t mean refraining from joy or power, and nothing makes us feel more joyful or empowered than a perfect track.

At a time when we’re fighting anti-Muslim bigotry from every direction, we’re gonna take the joy where we can get it, so we’ve asked our Desi-Muslim-American Mash-Up Tanzila Ahmed to provide us with a Ramadan playlist to get through our fast.

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