Shroud of turin carbon dating fire

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has become the single-most important religious relic on the planet.

Said to be the cloth that was wrapped around Jesus of Nazareth after his crucifixion, it is not surprising that it has become so revered.

Frei, who once pronounced the forged "Hitler Diaries" to be genuine, probably introduced the pollen grains himself or was duped and innocently picked up pollen grains another pious fraud had introduced (Nickell)." For more: was found guilty and censured by the Swiss police for fraud over the Hitler claims).

Many of the STURP team tried to take pollen samples from the shroud, but ended up with too few grains.

If that is true then why is the carbon 14 date not dated to the 1500's (they are dated to the 1300's)? We know that from measurements of Jewish people from the 1st century that an avg.

height of 5'1'' was the norm (to see a forensic rendition of what Jesus looked like and for in-depth proof about the 5'1'' claim read Popular Mechanics Dec.

It could be the blood of someone wrapped in the shroud, or the blood of the creator of the shroud, or of anyone who has ever handled the shroud, or of anyone who handled the sticky tape.

It has been written that, "It is claimed that the cloth has some pollen grains and images on it that are of plants found only in the Dead Sea region of Israel.4) Fragments of a shroud of a 1st century Jewish person of importance was found in Jerusalem and it did not match the weave on the Shroud of Turin at all.The shroud is not the workmanship of the first century.2002 by Mike Fillon here ) If Jesus was that much taller than his countrymen, his extraordinary height would certainly have been included in the Bible, as he would have been considered a giant.3) Many supposed relics of Jesus existed in the middle ages onward.

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