Shroud of turin carbon dating problems astral dating

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(This is in fact how carbon-14 is formed in the atmosphere.) But carbon-14 also decays back to nitrogen by emitting an electron.Carbon 12, the more common isotope of carbon, does not decay.While religionists have raised numerous reasons why the medieval dating could be wrong—foremost among them is the claim that the dated sample was taken from a piece of cloth used to patch the shroud much later—none of these counterarguments appear credible.The Vatican itself takes no position on the authenticity of the shroud, which of course means that Catholics are free to believe that the shroud could be real. But religionists, in their pseudoscientific way, won’t give up.There is no evidence that neutron emission during an earthquake could alter the C-14 content of a shroud.This, of course, could be tested in laboratory experiments, but the authors didn’t do it.3.And many of those claims are testable, though most have been refuted.

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We can see all of these—but especially in the last—in the paper by A. It’s on the age of the Shroud of Turin, and has gotten a lot of publicity.

The alteration of the amount of C14 in the shroud would have to be sufficient to make it look sufficiently pre-modern, but not too young.

In fact, the first accepted mention of the Shroud happens to be 1390, pretty close to the time when it was radiocarbon dated.

But who could possibly think that that is independent evidence for an earthquake, since Dante wrote thirteen centuries after Jesus supposedly lived and, of course, based much of his opus on the Bible.

The authors, however, fail to cast any doubt on the credibility of their sources.2.

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