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* Ohm Salutations to Maha Devi Lopamatha and Maha Guru Agasthiar, the First and Foremost "Peetam" of the Siddhas. Ohm Shree Ayur Devi, Angala Parameswari, Unnamulai Thaai, Thiru Annamalaiyarukku AROHARA! * Ohm Salutations to the Agasthiar Siddha Guru Parampara Lineage --- * Ohm Salutations to Sathguru Venkatarama Siddhar. * Ohm Salutations to Parameshtiguru Sadhaathapa Siddhar.

1982 (October 2): Swami Muktananda died and Swami Chidvilasananda and her brother became the gurus of Siddha Yoga 1985 (November 10): Swami Chidvilasananda was installed as the sole guru of Siddha Yoga; she has held this status continuously to the present day.

There are many publications by the gurus, swamis, and scholars of Siddha Yoga on spiritual teachings and theology.

TEACHINGS/DOCTRINES The teachings that Swami Muktananda designated as Siddha Yoga are understood by the organization to have deep roots in Hindu theology.

Gurumayi led the Siddha Yoga movement through a number of scandals, including that of her brother Nityananda leaving and then wanting to reassume the co-guruship ( “Former SYDA Co-guru Explains” 1986; Thursby 1991; Harris 19–94, 101–04; Durgananda 196–34; Healy 2010; Williamson 208–21); and through allegations which emerged shortly after the guru’s death and have intensified over the years that Muktananda had sexually abused female devotees (Rodarmor 1983; Caldwell 2001; Radha 2002; Shah 2010; , weekend Intensive programs, also known as Intensives), as well as her own star power, with disciples eager to catch a glimpse of her at the ashram and vying for seats close to her at official programs or Intensives (Williamson 204).

Gurumayi also established innovative programs, for instance a talk on New Year’s Eve that revealed the Yearly Message for contemplation throughout the coming year; such annual messages consist of short phrases that emphasize purity of mind, belief in love, and knowledge of the truth (“Gurumayi’s Messages and Message Artwork” 1991–2017).

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