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Hundreds of results that were using stolen content. From our research into this matter, the most common victim of this theft at the current time is Chaturbate models and itself.

That said, all cam sites fall victim as do all webcam models.

You will also be pleased to know that you can even more easily get content removed from a site using Word Press using the Word Press DMCA takedown notice application. Our advice to adult webcam performers is to plan 1 day a month to do your own DMCA takedown notices based on anything new you see under a search for your own performer name coupled with common search phrases like ‘show’, ‘pictures’, ‘webcam’ etc.

Ten people were injured in all, including five children and the suspect. Eric Henderson says the suspect was fleeing officers Monday night when he crashed a car and jumped into a Riverside police SUV.

A coroner on Tuesday identified the two who died as Eleanor Mc Bride, of Huber Heights, and Penelope Jasko, of Dayton. Henderson says police then got a call about a crash near the downtown Dayton library.

These days one of the biggest problems that cam girls face is constant content theft; be it images, text, audio, video, or products, cam girls are being wholly ripped off by unscrupulous webmasters. What’s even worse though is those business that allow or turn a blind eye to monetization of content that is stolen. Luckily, most affiliate programs in the cam space have been good about monitoring the places their traffic comes from and not allowing affiliates to generate revenue from stolen content belonging to cam models and/or other cam sites.

The same cannot be said for many companies in the adult dating industry that continue to allow placement of their offers by their affiliates on video scraping sites offering past shows from cam models.

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