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If you are a woman in your mid-30s and wanting a child, put it out there.

Sure, you’ll turn off some guys but better to have them turn away now then date them for six months and then hear they don’t really want kids. Often we hear what we want to hear instead of what is actually being said, because we believe we have the power to change someone.

Work on yourself: All dates are an opportunity for you to learn more about you.

Too often my clients tell me what they want from a committed partner and then I take a look at their profile and they are totally misrepresenting themselves. Stay present to each date as being an opportunity to meet someone new, have fun and explore different ways of communicating.

Support: Get together with other people who are dating and share stories.

I recently started Coaching Circles just for people who are dating and it’s so fun.

Dating is a deeply personal experience and can be quite triggering depending on how well you know yourself, but there are universal do’s and don’ts for all ages.

Date online: In your 30s and 40s this is a must, even if you have a large social circle, go out all the time, and hate the idea.

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