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Who can access and manage chat rooms depends on user roles as follows: You use the New-Cs Persistent Chat Room cmdlet to create chat rooms and the Set-Cs Persistent Chat Room cmdlet to configure an existing chat room, including adding users to the chat room.

You can configure the following parameters for chat rooms: You can create a new room by using the New-Cs Persistent Chat Room cmdlet.

If you’ve been given authorization by your Lync administrator, you can quickly get started creating your own persistent chat rooms.

If you later enable the chat room, users can search for messages that were posted before the chat room was disabled.

For example, the following command removes all the messages from the ITChat Room chat room that were posted by the user [email protected]: If a chat room manager has Creator privileges in another category, he or she can move the room from one category to another. A category determines the allowed membership for the chat room, so when a chat room is moved to another category, all the system access control lists (SACLs) that are no longer supported by the new category are purged.

For example, if a user was a member of the room and is no longer an allowed member in the new category, the room membership will be modified and the user will be removed from the room.

A category defines who can create or join the chat rooms.

Before you attempt to manage chat rooms, be sure to read Persistent chat categories, chat rooms, and user roles in Skype for Business Server 2015 and Manage categories in Persistent Chat Server in Skype for Business Server 2015.

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