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See I've already waited too long, And all my hope is gone! The biggest difference would be removing a cast member if they are not appearing in the episode.

◾ Season 1 has 6 versions (changes in clips, effects, order of cast members) ◾ Season 2 has 6 versions ◾ Season 3 has 4 versions ◾ Season 4 has 3 versions ◾ Season 5 has 4 versions ◾ Season 6 has 3 versions ◾ Season 7 has 2 versions ◾ Season 8 has 4 versions (two versions with both the old and new theme song).

◾ The short intro which was used for the two-hour long season premieres of seasons 4 and 5.

◾ The only opening to feature only the three main characters (the sisters) is shown once in season 2, Morality Bites.

The movie also featured Skeet Ulrich (Chris in the movie) who would play next to Rose Mc Gowan (Paige in Charmed) in Scream that same year.

Charmed Opening Credits 1z Length Region 1 50 seconds Region 2 48 seconds Special 5 seconds "I am the son, I am the heir.

I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does!

For example: After Prue's title clip, there's a scene of Prue and Piper, which means Piper is next in the opening credits, after Piper's title clip, there's a scene of Piper and Phoebe, which means Phoebe will be next and after Andy's title clip, there's a scene with Andy and Darryl, then Darryl's opening clips will appear.

During season 3 this pattern was broken as between Piper and Phoebe's clip was a clip of Prue and Phoebe.

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