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Livelox is a service that lets you record and compare your orienteering races with family, friends and fellow competitors.Record your route in real time using a mobile app, or upload it from your GPS watch afterwards.Finding a sustainable answer to car travel is one of the big challenges of our time, and for a startup to take it on is an even bigger ask.Yet Australian Lewis Horne and his startup Uniti Sweden used a combination of Swedish social consciousness, Anglo-American ambition, and a dose of crowdfunding on top to come up with one solution..Airbus's reasoning for dropping out of the competition sound suspiciously close to Dassault's; citing difficulty meeting security requirements and a last-minute alteration to the RFP that seemed to favor the JSF.

Possibly one of the best fighters flying in the world right now. Unfortunately, Canada is not buying fighters based on "now" it is buying fighters for the post-2025 timeframe. No current customer has been willing to bankroll the improvements needed to make the Typhoon competitive compared to it rivals.Is Canada's future fighter replacement program on its way to being decided by default? It is equipped with all the "must-haves" like HMD, IRST, AESA radar, and a modern cockpit with a "widescreen display".The Gripen E also has a clear future with both Sweden and Brazil signing on.As an organizer of orienteering trainings or competitions, upload maps and courses to Livelox to let spectators follow the competitors in real time, and to let participants analyze their route choices post-race. Airbus, which represents the Eurofighter consortium, announced the decision to withdraw from Canada's future fighter competition.

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