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The Stoughton Landmark Commission details several walking tours on their website.With homes dating back to the mid-1800s, we enjoyed viewing the many Queen Anne-style houses on the Northwest Side tour, which, as a bonus, made room for more eats.Opened in 1901, the theater hosts a wide variety of musical and theatrical performances throughout the season including rock, folk, classical, and comedy shows.

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Stoughton retired from competitive curling in 2015. One of my favorite things to do while travelling is to explore local grocery stores, so I was excited to discover that Stoughton had its own food cooperative!Located conveniently next door to Fosdal’s, the Yarhara River Grocery has chalkboards on display in their front window listing all the local products they source and sell inside.Needing a coffee, we went in search of a cup on Main Street and almost walked right by Back to the Bean.We would have never guessed such a historic, open space was located behind the inconspicuous storefront.

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