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If a commit is attempted to a tag URL, Tortoise SVN shows a confirmation dialog first to ensure whether this is really what is intended.

Because most of the time such a commit is done by accident.

You can also drag files from here into another application such as a text editor or an IDE.

You can select or deselect items by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the item.

To help out in awkward cases like this, we have reserved a changelist called Be sure to enter a log message which describes the changes you are committing.

This will help you to see what happened and when, as you browse through the project log messages at a later date.

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If you forget about a new file you created, committing the folder will find it anyway.

If you want to keep those locks, make sure the Usually, commits are done to the trunk or a branch, but not to tags.

After all, a tag is considered fixed and should not change.

However, this check only works if the repository layout is one of the recommended ones, meaning it uses the names You can drag files into the commit dialog from elsewhere, so long as the working copies are checked out from the same repository.

For example, you may have a huge working copy with several explorer windows open to look at distant folders of the hierarchy.

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