Technorati not updating posts Pink cam with out registration

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and if you edit your blog a lot then your blog will be banned from ping services because of excessive pinging.While pinging there’s no way to show which post has been updated.After that, for 30 days Word Press won’t send a single ping, even though new posts appear in your blog.You can see Word Press pings when there’s no need risking having your blog banned and it didn’t ping when pinging is really needed.Unfortunately, trackbacks are so horribly and fundamentally broken that they're effectively useless.The original trackback specification was published by Six Apart in summer 2002. The trackback URL is published in the metadata embedded in every blog post: CAPTCHA has completely solved my comment spam problem.Since then they have received and serviced over 102,000 tickets with a passion to keep Word Press running smoothly.

You may be already using this nice feature for automatically updating your blog.

If you edit a post 10 times then Word Press will send 10 pings.

It doesn’t matter how small or big a change you make, Word Press always pings whenever you edit.

And, while you're at it, feel free to point out any errors or inaccuracies in anything I've written. Depending on the depth of your feelings on the matter, you might want to write an entire post on your post?

This kind of simple, immediate, highly visible public dialog is why I believe so strongly in comments as an essential part of blogging. You could email me directly, but that feels a little too intimate.

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