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After a break up a while ago, which sucked at first but was mutual, I got in touch with my old fuck buddy. I also love that he is direct as fuck (“Are we going to fuck after? And while I don’t have feelings for him, it’s nice to genuinely like the person I’m having sex with. 😅On a serious note, I can relate to this sentiment.

I let myself have time to myself first but I tend to move on quick. He and I have many major things in common (something I’ve never had with previous partners, go figure) , but I also like his personality type. TL; DR: I guess it’s kind of weird though- he’s a guy that I would totally date under any other circumstance, but I don’t have any romantic feelings for him. My fwb and I get along great and have mutual respect for one another.

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A long term relationship cannot be realistically sustained by fiery passion but by friendship, respect and shared hobbies as well as giving each other the time and space you both need for your own interests, too. Once you identify that need, You can start asking questions about it. You might be developing feelings for him though, or at least starting to see him as a potential partner.

She also has shared with me resources that will help me in becoming a teacher which is what I want to do since she is currently about to become a teacher. They answer to themselves that yes, they could survive comfortably without x, y, z. But either way, we need to identify what guides our thinking and if the behaviour really does serve the purposes that is intended.

I have no deeper feelings for her, but I respect her and appreciate her assistance. It's cliche, but maybe you could try working on your interests/hobbies together and see what might develop? But if you could control the situation and have the perfect partner, Would you still choose to be single? I'm glad at all the positivity in this thread.

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