Travis stork dating

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His favorite pass times include kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.

Travis takes pride in his physical appearance and likes to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as he possibly can.

It was during his residency that he was on The Bachelor. His parents, according to Travis, were farmers from the Midwest.

Travis’s claim to fame isn’t The Bachelor, in our opinion, it is his hosting job on The Doctors.

He attended Duke University for his undergraduate studies, followed by medical school at the University of Virginia.

He doesn’t play characters on television, but rather makes appearances as himself. Phil, Today, Entertainment Tonight, Steve Harvey, Inside Edition, and Hollywood Health Report, to name a few.Ultimately, I had to have surgery in both, but unfortunately, it didn’t go very well.” In the hopes of getting the pain under control, Travis decided to undergo physical therapy instead of another surgery.Travis met with Danielle Orland, a physical therapist, in order to help him with the issue he was having with his feet. she would press certain areas, and it would elicit so much pain,” He recalled.As Travis said when he was interviewed years later, “The next thing you know, I’m literally in Paris as the Bachelor.” Little did he know that his stint on The Bachelor would launch a television personality career for the tall doctor.The Bachelor season 8 ended with Travis choosing Sarah Stone, a schoolteacher who lived just down the street from him in Nashville, Tennessee.

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