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Designed as an answer to FOMO (fear of missing out), this recap was curated based on “engagement and other factors.” Using the same algorithm applied to “While you were away” content, Twitter began to push the “best tweets” to the top of feeds.The company’s first foray into algorithmically restructuring timelines was met with #RIPTwitter backlash.In retrospect, the outrage was probably a bit of an overreaction, especially since users just had to refresh their feeds to switch back to chronological.Having not died—in fact, the algorithm drove more engagement from users—Twitter only slightly refined the algorithm in 2017.It would get 5 stars if they could give us the ability to have multiple accounts and location tagging. 4) Fix the problem where it takes 3.6 million years to load a picture. DOES NOT ALLOW LOGIN I've been using this app since 2014, but from June1st it kept saying "Sorry, I can't authenticate you".

In other words, each user’s feed contained tweets from their followers, from the most recent tweets onward.

According to Twitter, Top Tweets are chosen “based on accounts you interact with most, tweets you engage with, and much more.” We can only conjecture what “much more” means. But here’s what Twitter has shared about its ranking signals: For any brand, the more positive engagements you have with your followers, the better.

But consistent engagements can earn credit with Twitter’s algorithm, too.

It works well and is constantly being updated, although any limitations are due to Windows 10 Mobile. Cannot fetch hashtag selected you have to copy or write it down. Am sick of this UPDATE: 20 - App is completely broken on my Surface Book (generation 1 fully patched with latest production/GA Windows 10 release). The app functions well if all I want to do is look at my timeline. And friends (on other platforms) tell me the Windows versions are not feature complete. To whomever maintains this app, please get in gear and treat us like first class citizens.

All they need is multiple account support and this app will be perfect for me. Can't allow pinning of tweet or display pinned tweet first. All I get is a blank window with Twitter in the top Window bar.

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