Uniform commercial code post dating checks

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NRS 104.1108 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. NRS 104.1306 Waiver or renunciation of claim or right after breach. NRS 104.3504 Excused presentment and notice of dishonor. Part 6 Discharge and Payment NRS 104.3601 Discharge and effect of discharge. NRS 104.3605 Discharge of endorsers and accommodation parties. NRS 104.4215 Final payment of item by payor bank; when provisional debits and credits become final; when certain credits become available for withdrawal. Part 3 Collection of Items: Payor Banks NRS 104.4301 Deferred posting; recovery of payment by return of items; time of dishonor; return of items by payor bank. NRS 104.5117 Subrogation of issuer, applicant and nominated person. Part 3 Territorial Applicability and General Rules NRS 104.1301 Territorial applicability; parties power to choose applicable law. NRS 104.1303 Course of performance, course of dealing and usage of trade. NRS 104.1305 Remedies to be liberally administered. NRS 104.3604 Discharge by cancellation or renunciation. NRS 104.4214 Right of charge-back or refund; liability of collecting bank; return of item.NRS 104.2309 Absence of specific time for action or duration of contract; notice of termination. NRS 104.2602 Manner and effect of rightful rejection. NRS 104.3311 Accord and satisfaction by use of instrument. NRS 104.3405 Employers responsibility for fraudulent endorsement by employee. NRS 104.3411 Refusal to pay cashiers checks, tellers checks and certified checks. NRS 104.4504 Privilege of presenting bank to deal with goods; security interest for expenses. NRS 104.7206 Termination of storage at warehouses option. NRS 104.7302 Through bills of lading and similar documents of title. NRS 104.7403 Obligation of bailee to deliver; excuse.NRS 104.2310 Open time for payment or running of credit; authority to ship under reservation. NRS 104.2603 Merchant buyers duties as to rightfully rejected goods. NRS 104.3312 Lost, destroyed or stolen cashiers check, tellers check or certified check. NRS 104.3406 Negligence contributing to forged signature or alteration of instrument. NRS 104.3408 Drawee not liable on unaccepted draft. NRS 104.3412 Obligation of issuer of note or cashiers check. ARTICLE 5 LETTERS OF CREDIT NRS 104.5101 Short title. NRS 104.7207 Goods must be kept separate; fungible goods. NRS 104.7303 Diversion; reconsignment; change of instructions. NRS 104.7404 No liability for good-faith delivery pursuant to document of title.Banks are allowed to put time limits for the issuer to spot the alteration and require the transaction to be overturned.

The rules mean that if somebody fraudulently alters a check, anyone who would have had an obligation resulting from that check is no longer required to meet that obligation.In some situations the alteration may be to the amount, though this tends not to happen if the recipient and issuer know one another, as the alteration will soon become clear.It could be the date that was altered, for example if the issuer intended the check to be post-dated to avoid potential scams and the recipient alters the check to allow immediate cashing without delivering the relevant good or services.NRS 104.2202 Final written expression: Parol or extrinsic evidence. Part 3 General Obligation and Construction of Contract NRS 104.2301 General obligations of parties. NRS 104.2307 Delivery in single lot or several lots. Part 5 Performance NRS 104.2501 Insurable interest in goods; manner of identification of goods. NRS 104.2509 Risk of loss in the absence of breach. NRS 104.2511 Tender of payment by buyer; payment by check. NRS 104.2515 Preserving evidence of goods in dispute. NRS 104.3309 Enforcement of lost, destroyed or stolen instrument. NRS 104.4407 Payor banks right to subrogation on improper payment. NRS 104.5106 Issuance, amendment, cancellation and duration. NRS 104.7204 Duty of care; contractual limitation of warehouses liability. Part 4 Warehouse Receipts and Bills of Lading: General Obligations NRS 104.7401 Irregularities in issue of receipt or bill or conduct of issuer.NRS 104.2308 Absence of specified place for delivery. NRS 104.2502 Buyers right to goods on sellers repudiation, failure to deliver or insolvency. Part 6 Breach, Repudiation and Excuse NRS 104.2601 Buyers rights on improper delivery. NRS 104.3310 Effect of instrument on obligation for which taken. Part 5 Collection of Documentary Drafts NRS 104.4501 Handling of documentary drafts; duty to send for presentment and to notify customer of dishonor. NRS 104.4503 Responsibility of presenting bank for documents and goods; report of reasons for dishonor; referee in case of need. NRS 104.5107 Confirmer, nominated person and adviser. NRS 104.7205 Title under warehouse receipt defeated in certain cases. Part 3 Bills of Lading: Special Provisions NRS 104.7301 Liability for nonreceipt or misdescription; said to contain; shippers weight, load and count; improper handling. NRS 104.7402 Duplicate document of title; overissue.

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