United kingdom email dating scam

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If you are a con man/men then this will be water off a ducks back and you will move on to another woman.

Daniel Letter 6 Well Shoosh I have been single since i lost my wife in 1992 but had a few relationship which never went well and i had to move on and work kept me busy and never bothered to have a relationship but i cant make love to work and cuddle so i have to be with someone i can love and cared for..

I do go to bed sometimes late when I have to keep in touch with business contacts who are in a different time zone.

I am looking at just getting together to do fun things and to see if a solid friendship can develop.

am not bragging i worth more than a million each year when i have care and if you want to go further with me dont say such thing in your messages.

Letter 5 I will never reply to your email if i was not interested in know much about you.

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