Updating apt get repositories

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The 'Deity Creation Team' mailing list archives include only the major highlights.The Deity name was abandoned as the official name for the project due to concerns over the religious nature of the name.The response to APT as a dselect method and a command line utility was so great and positive that all development efforts focused on maintaining and improving the tool.It was not until much later that several independent people built UIs on top of libapt-pkg.The very first functional version of apt-get was called dpkg-get and was only intended to be a test program for the core library functions that would underpin the new UI.

Ultimately the name was proposed on IRC, accepted and then finalized on the mailing lists.apt provides other command options to override decisions made by apt-get's conflict resolution system.One option is to force a particular version of a package.Notably, apt automatically gets and installs packages upon which the indicated package depends (if necessary).This was an original distinguishing characteristic of apt-based package management systems, as it avoided installation failure due to missing dependencies, a type of dependency hell.

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