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With the BDP-S350, Sony is adding to the competition in the entry-level Blu-ray player market, where the market is already heating up with the Samsung BD-P1500 and Panasonic DMP-BD35.

Like the earlier S300, the new S350 is very shallow, meaning it should slide into even the smallest of spaces.

It takes up less vertical space, as well as having a shallower case.

At around just £180, it's less than half the price of its predecessor, the , and it does significantly more things to boot.Not only is it compact, but it also looks very attractive indeed.The blue and black finish make it look unlike any DVD players you might have, and the Blu-ray logo sits in bold on the front of the machine. The navigation controls fit well with the on-screen menu system, making for a complete and enjoyable user experience. That's fine for people who have HDMI sockets on their AV receivers, but, if you don't, you're going to be stuck with down-mixed audio from the coaxial or optical digital outputs.The interface used is once again the famous Xross Media Bar system which made its debut on the Play Station 3, and it's just as quick and intuitive as ever.Just because it's simple to use though, doesn't mean it's not powerful: it even allows you to set the brightness of the LCD display on the front, or turn it off altogether for a real home cinema experience.

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