Updating firmare

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Only use this if the firmware on the Duet 2 has been corrupted, or if you have accidentally pressed the Erase button, so you can’t connect over USB with Pronterface even with Wi Fi disabled in config.g.

Before proceeding, connect the Duet to your PC using a USB cable and check whether the Duet is visible in the port list.

You can send further M587 commands if you like to specify additional access points that the Duet can connect to.

It will connect to access point from which it receives the strongest signal.

Substitute your own network SSID and password in the M587 command.

If your password contains any double quote marks, use 2 double quote marks to represent each double quote mark in the password.

Therefore, after downloading Duet2Combined Firmware.bin, rename it to Duet Wi Fi or Duet Ethernet (as appropriate for your board) and then upload it.

If you have an older Duet 2 board then you should also upgrade the iap4file to the current version, to ensure that future firmware upgrades go smoothly. How many different webpages must the user mix, just to do what should be under a simple “update” button on the user interface? Why don't all that efforts solve the disconnect-every-minute bugs?

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Flyer /* Hide flyer and ionic for non FIGS eng */ /*Contact form*/ .zh_TW ul.product_list li. If you install incompatible main firmware (Duet2Combined or Duet Wi Fi Firmware.bin) and Wi Fi server (Duet Wi Fi Server.bin) versions, then you will not be able to connect over Wi Fi, and when the Wi Fi module is enabled you might not be able to communicate via USB either. This should really be split into a “Just brought a new system” and “upgrading an old system” page.Its really difficult to work out that all you want new users to do is go to a specific webpage (not “check here if you have the right firmware” - “download firmware from here”) extract two zips, locate three file (incidentally the Duet Web Control is currently AWOL and both zips have web pages of 404 errors), upload them in any order and then execute a M997 S0:1:2 command.If Bossa Port is listed then the firmware has already been erased. Important: if you are also upgrading Rep Rap Firmware (which for the Duet 2 Wi Fi is Duet Wi Fi for version 1.20 or earlier and Duet2Combined for 1.21 and later) you should normally upgrade that first.If neither is listed: If you get the Duet 3D printer electronics port to appear, then firmware is already running on the Duet and you should use fallback procedure #1 or #2 instead. Note, this does not apply to the Duet Ethernet or Duet Maestro.

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