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Some tablets allow a core update and minor OS updates, but they are sparse, and compatibility with apps is not guaranteed.

There usually is no compatibility with major OS updates.

I'm not responding to any more of these Bebo things.. I get one every so often from a friend who I know has my phone number and e-mail address. She's included on the updates to my address when they occur, so there's no reason for her not to update her address book herself.

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Obama come speak at my school's 8th grade graduation.

However, an easier solution might just be to email them and ask them what their penname on is!

Many times if you perform a web search for an email address, you can find sites where that…

In Outlook 2010 there was an easy to access function to update a contact in my contact list from my corporate Global Address List.

This was very helpful when someone transferred from one organization or site to another, for example.

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