Updating netgear firmware

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I recently purchased a Net Gear R7000 Nighthawk Wi Fi router capable of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi.

or maybe to do exactly that and boost your signals or channels used a little.

In both cases these should be files (you might have downloaded a zipped file, which you might want to unzip first).

It may not be a bad idea to print this guide either – just so you have it handy.

It might not be needed, but it’s recommended by the developer of the DD-WRT firmware. The default admin page for your router (a Net Gear R7000) is: Which should work, unless you really changed the default settings of your router’s LAN configuration.

For Google Chrome, you can find it under the “File” menu (Windows) and for Mac OS X under the “Chrome” menu. It’s recommended to actually use the IP Address of your router and not the router name!

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