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The Scripting Error popup only occurs when I use the first tab in IE, i.e. A bit of a pain but far better than all the scripting errors. In my case, it turned out to be related to the Google Toolbar.Once I disabled it (and the other Google add-ons) and rebooted, the script errors disappeared and have not returned.The website was: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us... First they thought it was infection and then tell you it is an incompatible issue. My Windows 10 is not an upgrade - it came preloaded on a new machine and I get the same script error.It has nothing to do with hardware - it is a browser issue.I was pretty excited when I came across this application tool from Symantec – the Norton PC Checkup.It is a free tool that scans for computer problems and notifies you of the same, if any are found.I respect Apple for working hard to keep privacy at the forefront of the customer experience, and it another reason I enjoy using Apple’s products and services. It's easy to post questions about Windows 10, Win8.1, Win7, Surface, Office, or browse through our Forums. You can identify the people who support Ask Woody by the Plus badge on their avatars.Post anonymously or register for greater privileges. Ask Woody Plus members not only get access to all of the contents of this site -- including Susan Bradley's frequently updated Patch Watch listing -- they also receive weekly Ask Woody Plus Newsletters (formerly Windows Secrets Newsletter) and Ask Woody Plus Alerts, emails when there are important breaking developments.

After trying multiple methods to resolve this, I discovered an interesting fact. So my current workaround is to start IE, start a second tab, then close the original tab.

Being impressed I decided to take the tool for a run!

After downloading the latest available 11.5 MB file version of the Norton PC Checkup tool and installing it, it first updates its virus definitions and then runs a full scan on your system. now does one consider Cookies as threats or are they just over-rated? I am very particular about keeping my PC working at its best – I do the necessary house-keeping stuff every week or month as may be required.

I have the same problem and in fact am getting the script error on this page while writing this right now. After examining this post; comment #14 pointed me in the right direction.

I've followed all the advice such as checking that the script debugging entries are disabled, etc. Excitedly tried the tip of opening a second tab but sadly it didn't work for me., glad it does for someone else. Microsoft will lose a lot of users if they do away with IE, Edge is totally awful, useless gimmicks and boring design, not user friendly or fun, just colourless and utilitarian looking. As a Google search engine user like most I saved this web address and pasted into Bings search engine and here I am typing this with no "script error popups".

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