Updating primary key db2 dating fender precision

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That's the primary motivation behind many suggestions against updating PK.

Other battle-hardened (or battle-shredded) databases also suggest not to; Oracle advises against updating PK, IBM DB2 considers update on PK as deletion of an entry, and Maria DB wants PKs to be as stable as possible.

And we don't wish to avoid the behaviour in one set up, and disallow it in another.

If you have an standalone app, moving to Realm Mobile Platform must be as easy as possible.

Whether one recognizes the theoretical debate or not, it is clearly an indecent idea to update Primary Key, which increases chances of PK duplication that would lead to mangle the uniqueness of an entity.It is much better to add a new object and then remove the old [email protected] I'm well aware of the reasons for adding the restrictions, but still I think there should be an easier way for updating the primary keys that does not need copying and deleting.I believe restricting update on PK is more of a progression than a regression as it fills up the previously existing gap and promotes a good practice rather than an [email protected] I understand the purpose and value of primary keys, but still I have to update my primary key once (and only once).

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