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Don't get me wrong, I admire modern woman who aren't afraid to speak their minds, know what they want and aren't afraid to ditch any bloke whose life-goals aren't in sync with their own. News presenter Guiliana Depandi who in her book, How To Date Like A Man reveals 13 things women should never utter on the first three dates: Soul mate, destiny, rehab, baby, wedding, disease, my sister's wedding, astrology, therapist, Prozac, restraining order, ex-husband, biological clock. And have you ever sat and waited for a guy to call but he's gone MIA?However the truth is, men just aren't going to respond to those sorts of demands in fear you're going to be the type of woman to rule their lives with an iron stiletto. I don't know about other blokes, but Living it has been known to just adapt to situations well and hence knows how to pick his battles.It scares me when a seemingly intelligent woman with a great job and everything going for her in her career, will turn around and proudly declare that she's taken to being as upfront with the men she dates as she is with her bosses."There's no point in hiding my intentions," one tells me in preparation for a blind date that was organised by a mutual friend.To her, no time is better to spill it all out than the first or second encounter. What words scare you away on the first three dates?And if the bloke she is dating reveals he's not that into marriage or babies, (or at least not yet), then she's out the door before they've even had time to order dessert. Ladies, do you agree, or is it better to be upfront at the start?

If women understood that word to the point where compromise doesn't mean that we have to do it their way, then there is a real possibility for a true partnership....As he explained to the UK's ; "The more of it a couple displays the weaker their relationship future is." So back to Sarah.A quick office poll finds the consensus to be that men believe that not actually communicating to the woman in question that the relationship is over, is actually a whole lot easier than having the confrontational breakup conversation.Some things in life are worth fighting about and others not. Say nothing, don't return calls, ignore emails and simply pretend they don't exist.Hence if something really irritates him or is close to his heart then it is worth fighting for and making a stand. I saw my parents fight everyday over the most trivial nonsense ever- vowed that if I ever had kids I would never subject them to that.. "Women can get very aggressive when you tell them you're not going to take them out again," says one gent. They eventually get the drift." Oh commmmeeeee onnnnn!!! This is the kind of logic you'd expect from a child - close your eyes and it will go away... its a fact of life that people break up - for whatever reasons - but it can be done by allowing the person you are dumping to maintain a level of dignity (and hello, stop the random turn-ups at the front door) by offering them at least the respect of a phone call.

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