Uranium series dating of quaternary deposits

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The contributions of uranium/thorium and marine palynology to the dating of the Lake Wangoom pollen record, western plains of Victoria, Australia.

230Th/234U and 14C dating of a late Pleistocene stalagmite in Lobatse II cave, Botswana.

Atmospheric radiocarbon calibration beyond 11,900 cal BP from Lake Suigetsu.

Mass-spectrometric 230Th-234U-238U dating of the Devils Hole calcite vein.

Bones, teeth, mollusk and egg shells, are also datable but present problems due to migration of parent U in and out of the samples during their burial history.

AB - Lacustrine limestone samples from sedimentary pan deposits at Rooidam, near Kimberley, South Africa, that contain late Acheulian (Fauresmith) artifacts have been dated by 230Th 234U and 231Pa 235U methods.

Results indicate a minimum age of about 200,000 yr B. for the terminal Acheulian in the interior of South Africa.

Uranium series dating of impure carbonates: an isochron technic using total sample dissolution.

A large drop in atmospheric 14C/12C and reduced melting in the Younger Dryas, documented with 230Th ages of corals.

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