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According to the report, the woman, a celebrity stylist, claimed she once saw Usher's penis release a "greenish discharge," but, at the time, he'd reportedly convinced her that he'd tested negative for STDs.As Usher allegedly exhibited no other symptoms, the two continued having unprotected sex.According to , Foster claimed Usher had cheated on her with her former bridesmaid and their kids' nanny, Maya Fox Davis.During cross-examination, Foster's lawyer reportedly asked Usher about the children's multiple nannies, asking if Davis quit "because you were discovered in bed with [her]." In response, Usher reportedly made a face and his lawyer quickly objected to the question.For someone who claimed to be so distraught by his failed marriage, it didn't seem to take him long to move on., the singer got hitched to wife Grace Miguel (real name Michelle Grace Harry) in Cuba in 2015. They'd been together—or at least they'd been romantically linked—since 2009, according to the noted that Usher's mom, Jonetta Patton, was not too happy about her son's relationship with Miguel.After breaking up in December 2003, Thomas visited Atlanta's Q100's , which dropped shortly after the two went their separate ways, only added to the rumors that he'd cheated on her.After hearing his songs with lyrics such as "My chick on the side, said she got one on the way," many fans assumed Usher was coming clean.

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At the time, she reportedly sought at least million in damages.Here are all the dirty details that are sure to make you say "OMG." Breakups are difficult—there's no getting around that, and Usher's split from TLC singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas was no exception.Despite appearing to be the perfect couple, they apparently had a huge falling out—or so it would seem.However, his infidelity may not have been what ended the relationship.In 2013, Thomas pulled a 180 and denied all rumors that Usher cheated on her, adding that he was her "first adult love, a real love" (via A few years after Usher split from Thomas, he got married to stylist Tameka Foster, but their marital bliss didn't last long.

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