Validating sql privileges

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Views add two more levels of security for tables, column-level security and value-based security: object privilege for a specific procedure can execute the procedure or compile a program unit that references the procedure.

No runtime privilege check is made when the procedure is called.

A schema object and its synonym are equivalent with respect to privileges.

That is, the object privileges granted for a table, view, sequence, procedure, function, or package apply whether referencing the base object by name or using a synonym.

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DML object privileges for tables can be applied similarly to views.Trigger execution follows the same patterns as definer-rights procedures.The user executes a SQL statement, which that user is privileged to execute.For example, to create a trigger on a table, the user requires both the privilege enables the grantee to use the table on which the grant is made as a parent key to any foreign keys that the grantee wishes to create in his or her own tables.This action is controlled with a special privilege because the presence of foreign keys restricts the data manipulation and table alterations that can be done to the parent key.

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