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She recorded her first single in 1983 and performed it at an Italian festival, which paved the way for the release of Joe le Taxi. People want to hire you or build projects in your name. I didn’t feel the pressure that ‘I must keep having No 1,’ it was never that for me.” She was proud to win a César, the French equivalent of an Oscar, for her first movie, Noce Blanche (White Wedding), which she made when she was 16. “Love is important from the day you are born,” she replies. Paradis will play her love songs at the Forum in London next month, and says her dream roles would be in a period musical.It was No 1 in France for 11 weeks and, unusually for a song sung in French, was released in the UK, where it reached No 3. The difficulty is in one’s private life, which is really intrusive. “I played an ex-junkie prostitute with no make-up and filthy hair, so it was perfect to break the pop star image.” Later she dated Lenny Kravitz, who wrote and produced her third album, Vanessa Paradis (1992), before meeting Depp. “You’re seeking love from your parents, friends and siblings. ” In Fading Gigolo, they recite the old Spanish proverb: “Donde hay amor hay dolor” “Where there is love there is pain.” Has that been Paradis’s own experience? Don’t the people you love the most hurt you the most? Becoming a parent teaches you that.” When you become a parent, Paradis says, “suddenly you are not your own number one. That is a great thing.” She has “learnt a lot about men and women having a boy and girl. On the whole she prefers living in “magical” Paris to LA.It’s a quiet film with whimsical jazz music, so a bit like a Woody Allen film, which is confusing as he’s in it, playing the kind of funny, smart, dishevelled “Woody character” he usually plays in his own films.It is Paradis’s first English-language film and her performance — a series of longing, questioning glances and whispered phrases — isn’t a million miles away from her yearning, breathy recitation of Joe le Taxi, the 1987 French pop song that made her famous when she was 14.Depp recently said of Paradis: “We see each other all the time and giggle and hang out just like we always did. I love her and she loves me and she’s a great mommy. Like Avigal, her character in the film, she is discreet rather than effusive, with an enigmatic, conversation-shutting-down smile.I have nothing bad to say, ever.” For her part, Paradis has never bad-mouthed Depp and appears to have moved on. She speaks English softly, with sporadic French-ifying. “I prepared for the movie by meeting a young Hasidic girl who had escaped from her community.She still sings as well as acts, releasing an album last year called Love Songs.

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Everyone relates to them whatever generation you are part of.” There are conflicting reports that Paradis is perfectly fine with Depp’s engagement to Heard, while others whisper that it is an (understandable) source of family tension. Depp is said to have bought his former partner a .4 million (about £2.6 million) home in Los Angeles, where their children attend school. She shot Fading Gigolo in the aftermath of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, which she says showed “how much solidarity there was between New Yorkers”.Talking about everything is too precious.” Well, I say, she did have a relationship with Johnny Depp and when two famous people get together there will always be interest in that. And, I say, when that couple breaks up, similarly . “Everything I tell you, whether I speak from my heart, it’s never going to . I mean, people forget we are human beings, we have kids. And you are 14 years old, about to become an adult. You’re searching.” In retrospect it made her a stronger person. “It let me do so many amazing things I would never have accomplished at 14.” Maybe, she concedes, being so successful so young “makes you a little less ambitious”.How could you be so light, given the fact you have no idea what’s going on? Growing up happily in the suburbs of Paris with “the best parents”, both interior decorators, Paradis attended dance classes. In my job it’s not the greatest thing, but this is inevitable and you’d better embrace it.The “Joe Le Taxi” singer was snapped out and about in Los Angeles with John Nollet, the stylist reported to have given her the new 'do.The artfully disheveled, curly bob is miles away from the style Paradis used to sport.

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