Vera zvonereva dating

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When Anastasia Myskina and Elena Dementieva were only beginning to play for the national team, they also went through all thisd.

I remember the times when Tanya Panova was playing, I can call lots of names who brought our team back to the top. There are different reasons why we are in this low position but I hope our young tennis players can take the team back to the World Group again.

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But still – if yoy have a high enough ranking that would allow you to play at the Australian Open, will it influence your decision as to whether quit or continue?

I am no longer 18 years old What do you mean “if I’d like to play the next season”? And who is this French speaking coach orking with you: does he help you with tennis or with fitness?

We will see, I will play a couple of more tournaments this year. I am a mother and my family is under my responsibility.

This year I got used to play quallies so it is nothing special if I play qualifications in Australia.

The decision will depend on whether I could combine my professional career and high-quality tennis with mothering.

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