Village drinks speed dating

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If you're a music lover and would like to meet someone with a similar musical taste, head to The Jam House, owned and run by Jools Holland.Take in some of the best live music Birmingham has to offer, and be ready, you may just catch eyes with a bopping head across the bar.

The next speed dating event brought to you by local matchmaking experts Romantic Duo is coming to our Fargo Village emporium on Friday 4th December.

Providing some much needed Dutch courage, their long list of spirit and fruit infused cocktails will be exactly what you need to turn on the charm.

The great thing about being single is needing no excuse to meet, talk to and swoon with whoever you like.

The event was an excellent opportunity to meet international students, get acquainted with new people and practise English in a speed-dating styled mini-interview about studies, hobbies, countries and culture.

GAUC students lived up to the challenge and enjoyed practising English with 30 other students from all over the world!

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