Virtual sex chat bots

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As you can see, we end up with a simply list of classifications:1. Even in a highly connected world, you can still be lonely.” — which underestimates both its and our own capabilities.Chatbots are so hard to compare because they are much more complex than they appear at first sight: My market research on classifications and taxonomies didn’t yield any satisfying results.

, health advice, and marketing, chatbots are being deployed to address the fundamental human need for romantic companionship.

Even Google’s AI engine is dropping its matter-of-fact style and .

Humans are having sex, falling in love, and tying the knot with AI.

Since sharing is caring, find below the first iteration of the chatbot taxonomy: Seven questions that let you understand different chatbot manufacturers and the scope of their technology.

Key learning: Most of the providers put the “AI” badge on their products.

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