Websites where musicians meet musiacians for dating or just

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Whether it’s band lessons at a music school, a music production course or group guitar lessons. It'll come up naturally that you're looking to play with others more.Group lessons are a great way to get to know musicians who share your interests and are working on the same things you are. You might run into a future band mate this way or meet someone who can introduce you to the right people.Teachers love to see that students are excited about making music, so they'll be happy to help.They might have a student or know someone else who would make a good jam buddy for you.I feel like I had my musical awakening when I was about 15.It was the first time I’d heard the Beatles, and the song was “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” I was hooked after that.We recently teamed up with Capitol Records for their December hackathon to provide Vampr users in LA the opportunity and challenge of a lifetime.

However, it can feel a bit daunting to find musicians, jam buddies or band members in your area.They might even be up for organising a ‘jam night’ with other students. Incredibly, U2 was formed after drummer Larry Mullen Jr. When writing a notice, be sure to be clear about what you're looking for (drummer, bass player...) and name a few genres or bands you like.Rehearsal spaces often have a wall plastered with notices of bands looking for musicians.From Red Hot Chili Peppers cover bands to jazz combos looking to play standards.You can find pretty much anything, so be sure to check this out if you want to join a band.

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