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and for that particular line, after we had already shot it, two weeks later the censors, the network, called up and said, ‘We ran this by Standards and Practices, and we can’t have that line in the show.’ I said, ‘Well, we already shot it. You didn’t DVR it, you actually had to watch it when it aired.I see the performance and that line comes up, and it goes, ‘I’d rather clean all the bathrooms in Grand Central Station with my Obviously, viewers with active imaginations probably assumed that line was way racier than it was.I wasn't feeling her date with Nathanial at all, though, and I like Nathaniel much better than Josh by far.The two of them have had much better chemistry in the past, too, but not in this episode.I feel like they could have made her choice smoother and more obvious to the audience by now.This for me just trivializes the entire series in some ways and almost makes me really want her to end up alone in spite of myself.

Speaking of which, when the preview for the “series finale” came on I legitimately got tears in my eyes. (I would love to see them bring Santino back and have a musical duo where Greg is wrestling with his inner turmoils.If you have it set in your mind who Rebecca should end up with, this ep might change that. There's too much nostalgia with Josh and too much white knight in Nathaniel.) But honestly... That was a really great number -- one of the best of the series -- though I always like the huge ensembles.By the final two lines I think I was more smitten than Rebecca and I definitely felt swayed towards someone other than my original pick. I'm really looking forward to the concert so much more than the actual finale. I kind of hope there's one in the finale too, but I suspect it'll be lighter on songs with plot to tie up.When I realized they were celebrating their depravity and embracing it, I wanted to barf.(har har) because he's basically a new character to me, and I have no investment in him because Greg left a few years ago and this new guy is not Greg (not Greg? Having all signs point to him there at the end as being The One doesn't really work for me because he's not Greg.

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