Who is atom araullo dating

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When I think of Atom Araullo, the image engraved in my mind is always in black and white.He’s often staring into the far distance, barely focusing on the unknown. Shadows take over half of his face, and in his sternness, sincerity is found.It has its strengths and weaknesses, in the same way a two-minute spiel might have its strength and weaknesses for the news.”an eye-opening deep-dive into the vast bodies of water that surround our country’s islands.Not only does it expound on pressing environmental concerns, but it simultaneously exists as a quiet meditation on the marine and human lives which share a symbiotic relationship with our waters.

His popular work involving disaster risk reduction obviously belonging to the latter, and his first documentary with . “I think it’s important for a documentarist to let the story speak for itself without embellishing it,” Atom stresses.

“Journalists rely on logic, processing information, and controlling reactions by understanding why you’re feeling a certain way, which will reflect on how we write our stories and our demeanor when we go on camera.

We have to process and make sense of it before taking action.

Actors, I think, have to do the total opposite, which is to just go with it. It’s a sort of short-circuit to the senses—you have to be in direct contact with your senses and let your body react.” Taking a giant leap into the unknown is always risky—uncharted territory has a way of disarming even the most experienced individuals.

You can sense that Atom knows he’s treading ground that could easily crumble from beneath him, the misgivings of friends and colleagues about his latest career trajectory not falling on deaf ears.

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