Who is joe johnson dating

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And Black young men must not die at random at the hands of sheriffs' deputies in the States of Mississippi in the year 2011.I call on Attorney General Eric Holder to personally meet with the family, and to order the questioning of the sheriff's deputy and the white girlfriend, and gather others evidence as the facts warrant, before deciding what action is appropriate to vindicate the right to be alive, even if you are a star high school Black football player with a white girlfriend in Mississippi.

I wish the late Johnny Cochran were alive, such was his ability to show the absurdity of police testimony before a jury.

Did he die because his white girlfriend called the police after he allegedly tried to break into her house?

Did he die because he ran a red light in a typical traffic stop?

After he left the NBA, Johnson didn’t retire to the tropics.

He continues to split time between his home in Atlanta and his native Little Rock, Arkansas. Johnson now faces on-court challenges from his 12-year-old son. “The competitive nature that me and him have, whether it’s outside on our goal shooting or playing 1-on-1, that keeps me going.

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