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All of these shows (including Equals Three itself) are produced by Equals Three Studios.Johnson occasionally appears in these shows and in "update vlogs" on the channel.Comedians On premiered in July 2015 and featured a collection of different comedians humorously discussing a chosen topic with Carlos Santos as host."Comedians On" along with "Booze Lightyear" were eventually cancelled at roughly the same time that Carlos Santos became host of "Equals Three".The contract also would have required Johnson to give up 50% of his intellectual property rights to the show and his other animated web project, Your Favorite Martian.but Martin was subsequently replaced by Carlos Santos in December 2015.

The Smosh team has expanded to include others to handle animated, Spanish language, and video gaming content videos.

We know from their videos that every single one of these yuk yuks couldn't be more video game-obsessed if they were literally made out of pixels...

But what else takes them to the next level of happiness?

His goal was to later earn a law degree after completing his undergraduate studies.

He began posting videos on You Tube during college.

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