Who is pat attah dating

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Actresses, especially those who are stereotyped as cheap, promiscuous, money hungry, greedy and selfish are worst hit.On the other hand, the men are seen as gigolos, party animals, womanisers, and all sorts. these stars also have proclaimed a new life, with some even going as far as claiming they have given their lives to Christ.The one that easily comes to mind was when his estranged fiancée, Kentura accused Jim of having used and dumped her.Jim dumped Stephnora Okere for Kentura thus breaking Stephnora’s heart as she recently disclosed that she still loves Jim. Jimmy really loves jumping sha, so lets call him “Jimmy Jump Off”. I stood by him through all his troubles and tribulations.

An insider revealed to Radar Online their relationship status and said that the former lovers were dating again. Similarly, in 2011, she adopted the third daughter as a single parent and in July, Patrick was present on the baby shower as well.

While still married to his estranged wife, Sophia, he was reportedly dating other women including actress Nuella Njubigbo who he later got married to. Chidi Mokeme “I’m A Positive Kind Of Playboy “- Chidi Mokeme Chidi said this many years ago during an interview before he finally got married: ” If I cut that image in my movies, that is cool. My idea of what people call a playboy is some guy who is sleek, good looking and got everything going for him with nice cars and good house.

Somebody who wears the right clothes, says the right thing without any impure intent in his heart.

She said : “For the record, I am no longer dating D’Banj.

It’s true we dated about four years ago and we have since called it quit…

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