Who is vin diesel dating now 2016

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Either way, they were caught together and the pictures immediately circled the net and people started guessing who the mysterious girl under Vin’s arm is.

Actually, it helped Paloma’s career a bit being seen with Vin and she made her first steps towards stardom in America that way.

But things have emerged in the last years when lots about their relationship have become public.

One of the things that amaze people is the age difference.

In fact, Vin is 16 years younger than Paloma and they met while she in her early 20s. But the fact that Vin is much older than Paloma does not seem to bother them.

That way they honor the memory of Paul Walker who both and Paloma considered as a personal friend and they were close with each other’s families.She did pretty well but rumors started appearing that she was seeing other men like other male models and colleagues.This did not sit well with Vin and he started questioning her desire to becoming a model again.She was a young model back then, only starting in America.Her popularity was much bigger in her home country of Mexico where she already made a name for herself.

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