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Wal-Mart says they accepted outside gifts, used trips for personal time together, and sought jobs with one of the ad agencies, Draft FBC, which they ultimately recommended.Wal-Mart subsequently fired both of them, and was sued by Julie Roehm for unlawful termination.Wal-Mart countersued and claims that it has e-mail messages – signs of an affair – sent by Roehm and Womack (who are both married to other people).Roehm has denied Wal-Mart’s accusations of an office romance, and says she did not have job discussions with Draft FCB.While this appears to be a case of he said, she said, and Wal-Mart said, it also raises questions about the pros and cons of relationships in the workplace.Who is the sweetheart in your life, your significant other, or your salary? In another publicized story about romantic relationships and the office, reported that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom had an affair with his (now former) commission appointments secretary, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, who is the wife of his political aide, Alex Tourk. Newsom has weathered the scandal, but Alex Tourk left his job on the mayor’s re-election campaign.The relationship, or frequently former relationship, limits how you as a manager can promote, or utilize the talents of, a subordinate.Either sparks of favoritism will fly, or you'll go the other direction and purposely not promote an employee who deserves it to avoid showing favoritism.

Yet another survey, a Harris Interactive poll sponsored by Atlanta-based employment firm Randstad, revealed issues in workplace dating by region.A good fraternization policy is key to workplace harmony and will honor the rights of both employees and employers.Romantic relationships in the office: does following your heart risk a career nosedive?Funny, these are all lower than the 40% of employees who told they had had an office affair…Men may be office flirts, but women tend to establish emotional relationships for support from the opposite sex.

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