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Zac Efron uses the services of the personal trainer Ramona Braganza.She has made a 321 method for her clients, according to which they can effectively workout while on a different location during filming.In an interview, however, the actor noted that the film is more of a character study of the serial killer and doesn’t glorify his crimes. Shortly before that, Gossip Cop busted of his serial killer biopic. In reality, Bundy was known for charming his female victims with his good looks, and it’s one of the reasons the handsome actor was cast in the role. "Zac Efron A 'Jerk And Creep' On Set Of Ted Bundy Movie? News, "Zac and I are very good friends," but it appears things have heated up since then.

Zac Efron is a famous American actor and singer who rose to fame for playing the lead role as Troy Bolton in High School Musical.

When Emily goes missing, Stephanie takes it upon herself to investigate.

Single mother Liz (Lily Collins) thinks she's found the man of her dreams in Ted (Zac Efron). The more you know about their behaviour, the better chance of recognising it in your own life BEFORE a murder occurs, and thus avoiding a horrible death.

Adapted from the nonfiction memoir by Elizabeth Kendall (aka Liz Kloepfer) Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile recounts how she was manipulated for years by a seemingly adoring boyfriend, yet future death row inmate, Ted Bundy.: People don't realize that murderers do not come out in the dark with long teeth and saliva dripping off their chin.

People don't realize that there are killers among them.

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